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OVAR Car 617108 Visits HOTRAK

This web page was last updated on July 23rd, 2016

Mike Hamer visited the OVAR modular rally in January 2011 and brought OVAR car 617108 which toured the layout.  

These pictures were taken by Mike and subsequently published in "The Interchange".

Our work extra is spotted at Rosebush where there is an interchange with the Fern Valley Railway.

Our work extra passes the water tower at Biscotasing, a location found on a CP line about 100 miles northwest of Sudbury.

Our train hugs the cliffs at Jackfish Bay, a series of modules which replicate CPR’s mainline along the shore of Lake Superior between White River and Thunder Bay in northern Ontario.

The workers inside the Shirley’s Bay Transfer facility barely bat an eyelash when our train passes by on the mainline.

Corby Distilleries provides a fine backdrop for our OVAR freightcar as it awaits unloading of cardboard containers in Corbyville.

A wigwag signal, in tandem with crossbucks, guard  this rail crossing as our train navigates the NTC Branch.

Car #617108 is spotted at Cowan Feed and Seed.  Mike’s Scrap Metal in the foreground seems to be doing a booming business.

Our famous boxcar has been spotted at Adamson’s Car Shop where it is undergoing a standard inspection.

The OVAR car has successfully passed the Hotbox Detector and heads for the urban area around Prosperity Street.

It’s winter time as our train crosses the Muscrat River.  It looks like the trucking industry is taking its share of the freight business.

There seems to be a slow order around the area known as Still Water.  Upon closer inspection, we understand the reasoning behind the order!

Our OVAR car rounds the curve on its approach to the tunnel entrance at Jackfish Bay.

We pass the farming communities around Willow Dale and Apple Hill.

We are at Rock Cut, the location of a rural church and cemetery where we spot two ‘passings’.

Our train has arrived the station at Lacroix where important patrons will board the Superintendent’s business car.

Our train parallels the road traffic as the rail line mimics the curve along Prosperity Street.