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Winchester Modules
John Scollick
This web page was last updated on March 24th, 2013.

Currently partially unscenicked, the module supports two forms of operation:

- Allocating the two back eastern tracks to the elevator, and the rear western track as a town site.  The two town site industries are switched normally.  However, the elevator follows a rotational procedure.  New drops are spotted to the “Staging” track while the existing cars on the staging track are moved to the “Loading” track, and cars on the loading track are picked up for return.

- Eliminating the town site, each of the four rear sidings holds one grain car each.  Operators must place new arrivals to the two eastern tracks, moving the existing cars on the two eastern tracks to the two western sidings – one car on each track, picking up the two cars on western tracks.

While the town site track may hold three cars only two cars will be allowed, and cannot be moved for grain elevator operations, unless it is part of the normal operations for the session.
Notes/ Instructions
Winchester Elevator, Staging 2
Grain hoppers or Box cars
Winchester Elevator, Loading
Grain hoppers or Box cars
Walkers Transfer 2
Box Car, flat car
Falconer Fuels 2
Tank Car, Propane car, Freight Car