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Wilkes Crossing Modules
Pat Brewer
This web page was last updated on June 16th, 2008.

Module Type:  Conventional 4 foot


- crossover track and two sidings

- brewery and small foundry on one track

- loading platform with space for three trucks on the other track

- rural passenger station


This is the small town of Wilkes Crossing as it was in the late 1950s.


The Mitchelson Brewery takes in supplies and ships out “The Taste of Britain” beer, but only one car at a time.  Some beer is also shipped out in trucks.  The Jeanes and Son Foundry produce small orders for industrial clients.  There are rumors that they are going to sell out and the property will be converted to a brick works.

The loading platform can accommodate two railway cars, and a wide variety of materials arrive there for transfer to trucks.

The town is a busy place if you look closely, as keen eyes will count twenty people.

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