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Trolley Module  (Retired in March 2015)
Charles Spencer
This web page was last updated on March 26th, 2015

Owner: Charles and Lizzy Ann Spencer

Module Type:Conventional(ex-Moccasin)

Features:Brill trolley servicing a commercial streetscape

Details:The usual double-track mainline runs across the front of this four-foot conventional (ex-Moccasin) module with no crossovers or turnouts. Along the back is a street front of half-relief commercial buildings. In between, the scene is dominated by a Brill trolley which runs a hair-raising continual service across a diagonal cross pattern of tracks and auto-reversing turnouts. Near the small trolley passenger shelter, an older brick commercial building is being demolished in the name of some dubious urban renewal scheme, probably to be replaced with the dismal modern style of building standing opposite. Trolley mates with Airfield for transportation.

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