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Three Bridges Module
Charles Spencer
This web page was last updated on August 28th, 2008.

Owner: Charles and Lizzy Ann Spencer

Module Type: Conventional Wye

Setting: Rural, including the buccolic Rowantree Farm on the east side of the rail lines.

The Details: This four-part wye was the first to be built to the Club's new 53" footprint for corners, allowing room for the new minimum radius standard of 40" on the outside mains (the inside mains are a still generous 34 1/2" radius). It is also the first wye in the club which is a full double-tracked junction, and the first to have a freemo branch coming off the front of the module.

The main lines across the front have a left-hand and a right-hand crossover. The freemo line branches off one of the wye's legs and crosses the front mainlines at right angles; a custom two-foot freemo module bolts onto the front of the set.

The set is named after the town of Three Bridges in Sussex, England. It lives up to its name by having the two wyes and the branch line cross a road on three different bridges - a brick arch in an embankment, a through plate girder bridge and a pair of Warren truss bridges.