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Provincial Paper Modules
Owned by Pat Brewer, built by Jacques Thuot
This web page was last updated on August 30th, 2013.

Industries include Provincial Paper and Central Express.  There are two sidings for the paper mill and one for the express terminal.  There is also a downtown section on the front edge of the module facing the viewer.  This is a transition set with two tracks at the paper mill end and one at the express end.  The module also features a digital speedometer. 

Provincial Paper track 1 (nearest front)2 x 40’ pulp bail boxcars (inside warehouse)
Provincial Paper track 1   1 x 40’ or longer tank car (fuel) at tanks outside
Provincial Paper track 2 2 x 40’ kaolin tank cars (inside warehouse)
Provincial Paper track 2 1 x 40’ or 50’ boxcar (inside warehouse)(this is an optional car)
Central Express 2 x 40’ or 1 x 50’ box, reefer, or express box or reefer

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