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Ottawa East Modules
Owner: Boris Polianski
Includes Ottawa Station East, Ottawa East Yard, Ottawa Intermodal Yard and Terminal Avenue
This web page was last updated on September 26th, 2008.

Ottawa East is a four-module set consisting of a conventional classification yard and a passenger station with additional servicing / storage tracks with the double-track mainline running down the center.

Originally an interchange with a signal tower and steam servicing facilities known as Ottawa East, Ottawa Yard was built to accommodate a large upswing in traffic.  The railroad acquired as much land as it could and built a compact but efficient facility. Not included in the original plans, Ottawa Yard tower was hastily constructed after the railroad realized that Ottawa East was now going to become a hub and handle a lot of traffic. The yard was expanded to its’ present size while it was still under construction.

The old Ottawa East signal tower has been recently given a new lease on life when it was selected to be partially converted into a cell tower site.  Originally slated for demolition, the building was found to be in remarkably good condition and suitable for housing the cell site equipment.

Ottawa Station is modeled after the real-life Ottawa Station that opened in 1967 replacing Union Station located downtown.  Beside the station are storage tracks that are mainly used as a refueling facility for passenger units.  A local distributor has been contracted to provide a “refuel on demand” service using tanker trucks. 

Terminal Ave Intermodal is a small (but busy) intermodal facility that was constructed on the former locomotive servicing area which was decommissioned with the advent of diesel power. The terminal is currently being upgraded to accommodate a Mi-Jack container crane which will speed up loading and unloading activities.  Along with the crane, the facility will receive a security upgrade which will include a guardhouse and perimeter fencing.



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Ottawa Yard


Classification Yard

Terminal Ave Intermodal


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