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Orléans Module
Bob Elliott (formerly owned by designer/builder Normand Levert)
This web page was last updated on July 23rd, 20116

Module Type: Transition Modules from Free-mo to Conventional


A sand-and-gravel operation with a nice high wood trestle (no locos allowed!).

From an operations point of view, a very clever way to go from double-track conventional modules to single-track Free-mo.

The Name:

While Orléans is a well known name in the Ottawa area, the facilities are entirely fictional - the result of Norm's creative imagination.

The Challenge:

The module is part of a 2-foot wide 4 foor long matching pair with Connaught that allows a smooth transition from double-track conventional modules to a whole bunch of single-track Free-mo's and back into a double-track conventional at the other end. Because the double-track disappears, getting traffic from Connaught through a lengthy single track to Orléans presents some interesting challenges to club dispatchers (Rauil Traffic Controllers). At the same time, switching the industry on the module adds to the traffic load. If trains aren't dispatched right, we can get some large traffic jams - not very good for business, but a lot of fun in running the trains.

The Details: The module is built on a 2" styrofoam deck held in place by a 4" module frame. At the same time we go from double track conventional to single-track Free-mo, we smoothly shift the main line at one end of each module by 22½°. This helps take the "straight line" out of the layout.