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O'Brien Fuels/Red Baron Lumber Modules
Garry Comber
This web page was last updated on January 12th, 2011

O’Brien/Red Baron is a three module transition set in the shape of a 90 degree corner.

The O’Brien Fuel Depot has two tracks.  The siding nearest to the mainline is the “Arrival Track” for incoming cars.  The inside siding is the “Unloading Track” where fuel oil is off-loaded from railroad tank cars into two vertical tanks before being piped, as required, to three horizontal storage tanks for pick-up by road tank trucks for local consumption.

When switching, a local brings 2 full RR tank cars to the "Arrival Track" and moves the 2 cars already spotted on the "Arrival Track" to the "Unloading Track."  The local splits the two cars for unloading between the 2 pumping stations and takes away the 2 empty tank cars that were previously in the "Unloading Track". 

 The inside siding also has a Warehouse for barrels of oil or other goods involved in the operations of O’Brien Fuels.  These are normally delivered by box car.

Red Baron Lumber features two tracks with the track nearest to the single mainline to assist in switching flat cars or double-door box cars at the lumber yard itself.

There is also a Caboose track leading to Red Baron Lumber to assist in switching that industry.

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