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Northern Timber Company Yard Module
Built byJacques Thuot
Owned by Garry Comber and Pat Brewer
This web page was last updated on July 23rd, 2013.

Owner: Jacques Thuot

Module Type: Conventional set of two 2' x 4' modules.

Setting: This set of modules is an addition to the Northern Timber Co.'s NTC Branch.

Features: Already, we can marvel at the kit bashed passenger/freight station or the turntable leading steam locomotives to the engine house. An adjacent boiler house will provide steam to the service facility during all four seasons of the year. To fuel the engines or boiler, a steam shovel with a clam bucket transfers the coal. A three-track classification yard holds cars for the servicing facility, Lacroix passenger station / freight depot and one industry, Bastien Warehouse. Plans are in the works to create a night scene using multiple microscopic sized LED lamps for lighting and signals.

Details: Track is code 83 on the main with 70 for the yard and all industries. The scenery and structures are at the construction stage as of late 2005. We can expect that the cardboard mockups of structures and buildings will soon be replaced by Jacques's talented work.