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Northern Timber Company Branch Modules
Gary Comber
This web page was last updated on February 15th, 2010.

Owner: Gary Comber  (built by Jacques Thuot)

Module Type: Freemo

Features: A switching module set which includes six industries.

Details: The NTC Branch is a three module set where operators can spend a decent amount of time switching the local industries. A grade in the middle module adds to the interest and pre-planning when entering the branch to swap cars. The branch, when not taking part in a set up is Jacques' home layout and is served by the Northern Timber Company RR. The period set for the branch is in the early part of the 20th century.

Industries are shown on the diagram:

1 - Adamson's Car Shop
2 - Bouvier Mechanical
3 - Comber Ice Company
4 - Cowan Feed and Seed
5 - High Hill Mine
6 - Mike's Scrap Metal
7 - Terryton Station
The branch  includes a lot of detail where, when not switching, the viewer can spend a decent amount of time looking at the vignettes. During setups, the NTC Branch is accessed from the main line via NTC Junction.