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M and O Junction Module
Bob Elliott
This web page was last updated on August 29th, 2008.

Owner: Bob Elliott (built by Ron Newby)

Module Type: Conventional Wye made up of 4 modules that can be packed up for ease of transport.

Drawing Legend

1 - Demolished station
2 - Handcar Shed
3 - Abandoned Coal/Grain/Flour Dealer
4 - Boarded up Interlocking Tower

Features: 2 crossovers, abandoned buildings with fields and roads that are overgrown. 

Early 1990s when a lot of the railroad infrastructure had already disappeared from the landscape.
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Details: M&O Junction is named after its namesake in Ottawa.  The basis of this module is a junction between two railways that was well used in its prime.  In days gone by the junction bosted a station to interchange passengers between the two railways.  With passenger service no longer offered, the station has been demolished (before the local historical association could get it designated as a historic building) due to a fire that destroyed a part of the building.  The interlocking tower is no longer in service as CTC is now used on this portion of the railway.  The coal/grain/flour dealer has long closed his doors and the building is in such a state of disrepair, it is ready to collapse soon.  the only building still in use is a small hand car shed complete with handcar for the loacl track gang to carry out minor repairs.