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Jackfish Bay Module
Owned by the club
This web page was last updated on August 28th, 2008.

Module Type: Freemo

Features:If you didn't know where Jackfish Bay was, you wouldn't think that this was modelled after the real Jackfish Bay.  It's only when you see photos of the real thing that you realize that these modules represent a nice piece of selective compression that has caught the main features of Jackfish Bay, Ont.  Where is Jackfish Bay, you ask?  It's on the shores of Lake Superior halfway between White River and Thunder Bay on the CPR main line through Northern Ontario.  There is a real bridge, a tunnel through the mountain, and track that runs alongside the lake on a real curve - just like you see in the model. 

Details:  Jeff Hill did a beautiful job in modelling the real Jackfish Bay on these two 45° modules.  The tall mountain is completely built out of styrofoam with the surface cut to resemble the rock faces you would find in this part of Northern Ontario.  The only thing that's missing is the snow.