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Christain Desrosiers 
This web page was last updated on December 19th, 2016.

Module Type: Branch terminus


The Name:

The prototype for the module is based on ...... 

The Challenge:

The module has a large footprint 

The Details: 

Until now, the club did not have a module representing a locomotive yard. It is now accomplished.

Because of the sizes of the Fleischmann 6652 turning table, of the roundhouse and the other services that are inherent to a locomotive yard, it was impossible to install everything on modules of 4 feet (1.22 m) in length without being obliged to cut the tracks creating some problems of adjustment when assembling and disassembling the modules. Consequently, Christian opted for a freemo of 4 feet ( 1.22 m) in width by 8 feet (2.44 m) in length.

 Utilizing those dimensions and respecting the standards of the club, as well as the material recommended for the construction of modules plus the weight of tracks, switches and buildings, ballast and scenery, the module would have been too heavy to transport and also to store.

In order to make the module as light as possible, Christian decided to use 5 mm thick foamboard sheets, 5 mm thick plywood and “L” shaped aluminium angle-iron and square aluminium tubes. The “Bee Nest” technique was used for the construction of the table.  (edit link)

In addition to the engine yard activities, the module supports switching operations. The module accommodates twelve cars (Tankers, Reefers, Gondolas, Boxcars, Cabooses and Passenger coaches) at different locations, permitting a lot of switching and use of the turntable.