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Double Ended Fiddle yard Modules
Pat Brewer
This web page was last updated on April 29th, 2008.


Version 01 – Pat Brewer – Feb 2008

Follow these instructions in order.

The yard parts with the number “2” on the end bolt together using two of the end plate bolts.  These parts have three tracks end to end.  Use the shorter bolts if different sizes are available.

The left end of this pair numbered “1” (with the single track) is bolted directly to Beachburg with two of the extra long end plate bolts.

Clamp the pair at the right end only to the module.  No further clamps should be needed for this end.

The right end single track fiddle yard piece is clamped to Cremona with one clamp.  There is an alignment pin to help with this.

The remaining (fourth) piece of fiddle yard attaches to the right end piece with alignment pins and is clamped at both ends to the module.

We normally only use four of the six pieces in our setups.

There will be a gap in the middle of the two pairs which must be bridged with custom joiner tracks.  The tracks from the previous setup should be in the joiner track box, but because of the slight variations in size of the modules used in a particular setup they may have to be custom cut each time.

When boxing the fiddle yard up after the setup note the cutouts in the end plates.  The single track end goes against the blank edge.  The three track end goes against the end with the three cutouts.  Only one bolt is used to attach each end plate.  The two modules will overlap at the Plexiglas which offsets the bottom slightly.  There is a little ledge on the end plate to accommodate this.