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Corbyville Modules
Peter Jackson
This web page was last updated on November 25th, 2008.

The mainline must be kept clear for runaround operations.  Cars may not be spotted where they are blocking the road crossings.
Notes/ Instructions
Orr’s Fine Furniture 1

Box Cars.  Three cars may be spotted between Orr’s Furniture and Moon Refrigerated provided all cars are 50’ or less.
Moon Refrigerated
Reefer.  See above note
Corby Distillery – Door A 1
Box Car – delivering cardboard containers or bottles
Corby Distillery – Door B 1
Grain car delivering Malting Barley, distillery grains
Corby Distillery – Door C, Heating Plant
Coal Hopper, empty or loaded
Moira Lumber
Flat Cars or Double Door Lumber box cars
Team Track
Boxcar, Flat Car, or Gondolas