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Connaught Module
Bob Elliott ( designed and built by Normand Levert)
This web page was last updated on March 24th, 2015.

Module Type: Transition Module from Free-mo to Conventional


A transfer station.

From an operations point of view, a very clever way to go from double-track conventional modules to single-track Free-mo.

The Name:

While Connaught is a well known name in the Ottawa area, the facilities are entirely fictional - the result of Norm's creative imagination which Bob really appreciates..

The Challenge:

The module is part of a 2-foot matching pair with Orleans that allow members to smoothly go from double-track conventional modules to a whole bunch of single-track Free-mo's and back into double-track conventional at the other end.
Because the double-track disappears, getting traffic from Connaught through a lengthy single track to Orleans presents some interesting challenges to our dispatchers. At the same time, switching the industry on the module adds to the traffic load.; If trains aren't dispatched right, we can get some large traffic jams - not very good for business, but a lot of fun in running the trains.

The Details: The module is built on a 2" styrofoam deck held in place by a 4" module frame. At the same time the line transitions from double track conventional to single-track Free-mo, we smoothly shift the main line at one end of each module by 22. This helps take the "straight line" out of the layout.