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Brantford-Mohawk Yard Modules
Ben Van Veldhuizen
This web page was last updated on December 22nd, 2010..

Caution should be taken in loading up this module.  Some operators have reported great difficulty is switching out a 5 or 6 car freight when all spotting locations are filled.  Unless another module is collocated that provides intermediate storage facilities, branch locals directed here should be no longer than 5 cars.
Notes/ Instructions
Brantford Coach and Body (Track 2) 2

Boxcars/Tank Cars.  50’ max 


Verity Works (Track 1) 2
Boxcar – max length 50’, no restriction on door width
‘M’ Foundry, Track 4 3
Boxcar – wide door (8’ – 10’) preferred
‘M’ Foundry, Track 5
Door 1 & 2 – Open Hopper, coke
Door 3 – Boxcar (50’ max), bagged silica, foundry clay
Door 4 & 5 – Gondola, pig iron and steel coil
Lake Erie and Northern Interchange
Track 94Boxcars/tank cars.  40' max, because of tight radius
Cockshutt Plow Company

Track 12
Boxcars, 50’ max, wide door preferred

This module set represents the Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo (TH&B) Railway's Mohawk Yard in Brantford from 1953 ton 1956. Iconic Canadian farm implement manufacturer, Massey-Harris has just joined forces with English manufacturer Harry Ferguson to form Massey-Harris-Ferguson.  In 1958, it would be shortened to Massey-Ferguson.  Meanwhile, the much smaller but equally proud Cockshutt Plow Co., is only a few years away from it's takeover by White Farm Equipment. Brantford Coach & Body Co., partly owned by Cockshutt, is keeping busy manufacturing highway transport trailers, loaders and farm wagons, among other products. It remained at 22 Mohawk Street until at least 1964. The TH&B station and the Lake Erie & Northern (LE&N) Railway-TH&B interchange track are also represented in the module set to increase it's operating potential, although in reality, they were located further west and closer to the downtown core."


- Numerous switching opportunities
- Extended benchwork to accommodate Brantford Coach & Body and operator's shelf

Brantford Massey Verity summer 1995
Photo by
Ben Van Veldhuizen

Brantford - Cockshutt May 2002
Photo by Ben Van Veldhuizen