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"Bayview" Module
Transport Acion
This web page was last updated on March 24th, 2015.

Owner: Action Transport

Module Type: Conventional

Features:  Platform spur and branch line to underpass 

Setting: Modern Commuter Station

This module set is of historical significance because it was built by Tim Lane as a prop to help promote the introduction of O-train light rail service in Ottawa. It illustrates the proposed station at Bayview, but differs in some respects from the station as eventually built: the actual mainline running past Bayview Station to the Prince of Wales Bridge is single, not double track; and some pedestrian stairways were not built as shown. Of particular interest is the ramp up to the platform, which had two purposes: to reduce the vertical distance passengers had to negotiate to transfer between the O-Train and buses on the Transitway; and to ease braking and acceleration effort and noise for arriving and departing trains respectively.

It consists of two four-foot modules with a double-track mainline running across the front. The inside main curves slightly at the east end to avoid the pillar of one of the two roadway bridges, which represent the Transitway (two-lane) and Scott Street (four-lane). A turnout from the inside main leads up a steep ramp to the O-Train platform; off this branch is another spur which deadends in front of a hypothetical underpass under Scott Street; this was to illustrate a possible line leading east through downtown Ottawa.

The short platform will accommodate a Bombardier Talent (as used by the actual O-Train), a pair of RDCs or other small multiple units

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