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Airfield Module
Charles Spencer   - retired in March 2015
This web page was last updated on March 24, 2015.

Owner: Charles and Lizzy Ann Spencer

Module Type: Conventional(ex-Moccasin)

Features: Helicopters and bathing beauties. Airfield has a left hand crossover with powered turnouts and bi-directional turnout position-indicating ground signals.

Details: This four-foot module has the customary double-track mainline running across the front with no crossovers or turnouts. The module gets its name from a Rescue Services heliport, which has one helicopter on the pad and another, with operating rotors, hovering dangerously low over a small woodlot. The pilot is probably distracted by some scantily clad bathers on the beach at the back of the module. A moped rental lot on the main road completes the scene. Airport mates with Trolley for transportation.

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