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Connaught Module

This web page was last updated on May 28th, 2009
Pictures by Normand Levert except where shown.

Engineers Eye View

Photo by Paul Anderson

Connaught - Shirley's Bay Transfer 12
Great railfanning! Good platform with a great vantage point. Maybe Shirley will add a roof?
Connaught - Shirley's Bay Transfer 27
Westbound intermodal entering double track at Connaught. Local railfans take advantage of the viewing platform.
Connaught - Shirley's Bay Transfer 8
The other blue building on the left is a fine box, conveniently located for those who overshoot their clearance up to the end of double track.
Connaught - Shirley's Bay Transfer 7
This is an overall view of Connaught, with Shirley's Bay Transfer. The view pre-dates the installation of the track gang building, which was done for Railfair 2005.

The joiner track still has to be installed between Connaught and the unscenicked Freemo module on the right.
Connaught - Shirley's Bay Transfer 5
This is a view of the railfan platform, looking "east", also showing Shirley's Bay Transfer building in place.

Note that the only level ground is under the tracks, and between the spur and the single track mainline. Note the ditches on either side of the mainline tracks.
Connaught - Railfans' platform
Since Connaught is the end of double track, it is a great spot to railfan. Shirley is a railfan herself, so she had this viewing platform built just by her Transfer Warehouse.

Obviously, railfans have found out about today's track maintenance program.
Connaught - Shirley's Bay Transfer 2
Shirley's Bay Transfer concrete dock is a plank of balsa wood on top of a board of 3/4 inch plywood. The plywood "support wall" is recessed from the face of the "deck". This provides for drainage on the prototype.

The loading dock can easily accommodate two 50 or 60 foot cars. Three 40 foot cars could be spotted here, with their doors accessible from the platform. The third car however would be close to fouling the mainline. For this reason, Shirley's Bay Transfer is limited to two cars.
Connaught - Shirley's Bay Transfer
Shirley's Bay Transfer loading dock gives direct access to house cars (boxcars or reefers) and flatcars. Once that scrap truck is moved out of the way, the forklift driver will start unloading the GTW boxcar.

Note the "End of Double Track" sign to remind crews that Connaught is a Control Point. 

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