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HOTRAK Statistics

On this page we set out some of the salient features of our layouts including some of the operating records

This web page was last updated on July 17th, 2017.

Length of longest main line run (i.e to make one complete circuit
610 feet or 10.05 scale miles - January 2011
Longest freight train - number of cars *
Larry Lanctot: 55 cars with three Atlas CN C-424 locomotives - 3 May 2009
Longest train of cylindrical grain hoppers *
Paul and Colin Churcher: 45 hopper cars and a flatcar carrying a wrecked hopper. Motive power was a CP C-liner A-B-A set then a CP SD-90  - 29 November 2009.
Longest train of coal hoppers *Larry Lanctot: 27 cars - January 2013
Longest train of oil tank cars *
Longest train of auto rack cars *
Longest train of potash hoppers *
Longest intermodal train *
 Brandon Bourdon: 41 well cars led by 2 CN  SD70ACe's - 27 May 2017  19:30
Boris Polianski: 23 cars hauled by a NS SD60 and GP40X - January 2009
Longest road railer train *
Paul Anderson: 104 car Road Railer which circumnavigated the layout twice. The length was calculated to be the equivalent of a 6000' train. 27 May 2017
Longest passenger train *
Boris Polianski and Charles Spencer: 23 lightweight VIA cars (Rapido) behind FP9 A-B-B-A - January 2009 (OVAR Rally)
Largest number of cars derailed at one time95 out of 119 Road Railers unit train derailled in an attempt to break the unit train record, Paul Anderson - 25 May 2017
Largest Number of Locomotives in a Consist
Jacques Thuot and Larry Lanctot: Seven CN C424s - 5 January 2013 (OVAR Rally).
Maximum number of trains on layout at one time
Eight freights, two through freights and two passenger trains - 2 May 2009

* - to qualify for a record the train should make at least one circuit of the main line without derailment.