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Bill Noel

This web page was last updated on June 10th 2010.

Bill Noel

Bill Noel's Mug Shot

My home layout, the Canadian Northern Railway, is HO scale.  It is still very much under construction but here are a few pictures and video that illustrate progress.

A cab ride over the Canadian Northern

A days work on the mine run

Switching the rock crusher

The quarry locomotive goes for a spin on the main line

A Budd car runs below the quarry on Kelly mountain.
Budd car with a coal mine in the background
DSC00355 The quarry
A GE 45 ton switcher places a cut of cars in the quarry.
DSC00364 The quarry
The quarry provides rock which is transported in these hopper cars to a rock crusher.
Kelly Mtn, south side
Kelly Mountain, south side.

DSC00342 Lighted Diesel house
Diesel shop.
Diesel House
The Diesel shop, close by the Central Yard, has working interior lights.
Delivering empties
4001 dropping off empty hoppers and picking up loaded ones.

4001 and load
Around Kelly mountain into lower tunnel

Coal train
4001 hauling a load of coal coming through the south side lower tunnel on it's
way to the Albertville coke retort facility.

Kelly Mountain, south side
The top of the north side of Kelly mountain.
Quarry men are hard at work
Todays railfan  special 1
An SNCF ABJ Renault railcar on a railfan special pauses for a photo by a stream.
Dec 8/09
The scenery keeps expanding.
Dec 8/09
Blind Cut with North Albertville in background.
Dec 15/09
New signage for the Churcher Mine.

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