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This web page was last updated on January 17th, 2010
With some adjustment these may be downloaded, altered to 48"x8" and printed to produce a module backdrop. Colin Churcher explains:
I used Adobe Photo Shop to do this. 
1. Crop the original to the approximate size needed (you'll have to do the math depending upon the size of the original).
2. Increase the size of the original to 48"x8" and change the dpi to 300. Save the file as a tif or low compression jpeg.
3.  As I needed two backdrops I reversed the image horizontally so the each end will match in both color and cloud pattern.
4. The Print shop I used can print an image 24" wide and as long as necessary.  To reduce costs I put one image above the other with an inch separation to create an image 48"x17".
5. My print shop can accet files on a thumb drive, cd, sd card etc.

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