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Modifying Telco Wall Plates
By Paul Anderson
This web page was last updated on August 5th 2013
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Back of Wall Plate  Front of Wall Plate

Wall Plate as purchased from a Dollar type store. Three 4 wire plates will yield two 6 wire plates


  1. Remove the mounting screws the screws holding the spade terminals and discard. The Spade Terminals may also be removed at this time.


  1. Remove the Contact Block that holds the contacts and wires. There is a Locking Tab on the side that you can push in with a small screw driver and the block and wires will slide out.

Contact Block removed

You can see the comb like structure that aligns the Contact Pins.

  1. The contacts are basically a piece of stiff wire so to remove them you just straighten the contact and push it out of the Contact Block. Do not pull on the wire as it may pull out of the contact and you can not put it back on. The contact does not have to be completely straight just enough to get it out. Yellow wire and contact are pushed partially out.


  1. Note the contacts are different lengths depending on which row you remove them from so make sure you put them back in the same row.
  2. Take the contact that you have removed and insert it into the destination contact block in the same row that it came from. Some times there is a bit of flash in the hole that you may have to remove to get the contact in.


  1. Make sure the contact is fully seated and bend the contact into place like the others. The contacts will rotate a little in the block but the positioning is corrected when the block is inserted into the Wall Plate.


  1. When you have you have added the 2 new contacts it is a good time to connect the LocoNet wire. Note the Green and Yellow wires have been added to the Contact Block in the outside positions. It is much easier to wire the Contact Block out of the plate.


  1. The colour codes will match on the 4 central wires and the outer wires are connected to their respective wires in the outside position of the LocoNet wire.


  1. Insulate the wires with Heat Shrink Tubing. Be careful when shirking the Heat Shrink Tubing as the heat will melt or warp the Contact Block especially if using an open flame as it will also burn the shrink tubing.



  1. When inserting the Contact Block into the plate make sure the locking tab is to the outside, the contacts are all nice and parallel and block should slide in and lock.

Front of installed Wall Plate Back of installed Wall Plates.

  1. Recycle your left over parts. I was making 4 plates so I have 2 leftover plates and Contact Blocks