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HOTRAK Car Card Boxes
By Paul Anderson

This web page was last updated on July 23rd 2009.

The material used for these boxes is .060” styrene.

The dimensions given below are for one box.

To make a bank of boxes, multiply the width of the back and front by the number of boxes you wish to gang together.

Cut the bottom of the box 1/8” shorter than the front and back.

The side pieces for the two ends stay the same but the dividers between sections should be cut .060” shorter than the end pieces.

To make multiple rows of holders, increase the height of the front panel to 6” and install with the excess length hanging below the row of holders. This now becomes the back of the next row.

When ganging multiple rows together, start by assembling front row first, then the back, sides and bottom of each successive row. When each row is assembled then glue the front row to next row and allow the glue to set then glue this assembly to next row if there is one.

I wouldn’t recommend ganging together any more than three rows as the bottom row would be getting quite low for viewing and the whole unit will start significantly projecting out from the module.

The hanger comes with many names, tile edging, carpet edging, wall panel edging, plywood edging, etc. The ideal hanger will have a ¼” slot with a wide side for gluing to the card holder. Some people have used metal edging glued on with epoxy.