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Testing Procedure for Modules

This section describes the testing of individual modules that must be conducted prior to the use of the module in any layout.

This page was last updated on January 19th, 2012.

Testing Procedures for Modules

1.  LocoNet

Hook up a single Chief to the module and run a decoder-equipped locomotive using all of the different plug-in locations for the throttles, including directly from the Chief, and all of the LocoNet connectors.

If you can control the locomotive when the throttle was plugged directly into the Chief, but not when it plugged in to the module's own throttle jacks, check the LocoNet connection between Chief and module and make sure the LocoNet wiring under the module is intact. If these check out, try connecting the module's LocoNet to the Chief at one end and the LocoNet of another module that was previously tested and approved to the other end. Plug the throttle into the working module. If the locomotive works, the problem is likely to be in the throttle jacks on your module. If this doesn't work, or if the locomotive never ran at all, check the track and wiring (see below). Also make sure the locomotive wheels are clean.

2.  Wiring

With the Chief connected to your module, connect the power bus on your module to that of a module that has already been tested and approved. Do not connect the tracks yet. If the Chief beeps 4 times, there is a short circuit in the connection between the two modules. Check the wiring at the terminal strips on your module to see what has been reversed.

If everything checks out, connect the tracks between the modules together. If the Chief indicates a short, make sure the feeders on your module have not been wired in reverse.