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Layout Assembly

This section describes the activities that are carried out during the physical assembly of the layout on an operating weekend.

This page was last updated on February 17th, 2015.

Layout Assembly Procedure

Everybody participating in the Operating Session should be familiar with the HOTRAK Emergency Medical Procedures - click here.

a)      The Set-up Foreman will guide module owners to appropriate areas of the room where their modules will be located using the layout schematics that will be available.

b)      The Set-up Foreman will direct Members to areas where help is required or work needs to be accomplished, i.e. set-up Club Modules, help module owners with their modules, help move blocks of modules and the myriad of other tasks .

c)      The Set-up Foreman in conjunction with the Road Foreman will determine where the Anchor Point of the Layout will be and all modules will be set up and located from this starting point.  The Anchor Point is normally in one corner of the room that is near the centre of the Layout and is used to establish the height of the layout for the laser levelling device

d)      The approximate sequence of events to set up a layout are:

-     Move Boxed Modules into the room to the general area where they will be set up.

-     Unbox the Modules by remving the endplates. Install the module legs into the modules underframes.

-     Stand Modules up in their approximate location.

-     Align and Clamp together Module sets using the track  centrelines.

-     Clamp together individual modules in to blocks (16 feet or less).

-      Starting from Anchor Point position module sets and blocks into their final position and clamp.  Enslure height alignment using the laser levelling sticks and adjust leg heights as required.

-      When modules are in their final position and clamped together, Joiner Rails may be added between modules. If spacing between Track ends is to tight add cardboard shims between modules to fit Joiner Rail.

-      Install Fiddle Yards.

-      LocoNet and Track power are connected between modules. Watch out for GAP signs and do not connect Track Power at that point.

-      Set up Command Stations. Location determined by Road Foreman.

-      When majority of layout is in its final position Track power wiring is installed under the modules to the various Blocks. Road Foreman leads.

-      When all modules are in place Track Power is turned on and Blocks are tested.

-     The LocoNet is tested after Command stations are powered up.

-     Test Engine or Track Cleaner train is sent around Layout to check for problems.

-     Accessories are added to modules (Buildings, Autos, and details).

-     Rolling Stock is distributed around Layout

f)       Non module owners are encouraged to help module owners in the set-up of their modules. Some Module sets require a specific sequence to unpack and set-up and this may only require the owner at this time, so don’t be put off if your offer to help is refused.