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Castor River Modules
Instructions for operation of remote controlled switches

This web page was last updated on July 23rd, 2016

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Inbound Track 1 is clear.  Outbound cars are on Track 2
Crossover 69 is closed.  Double Crossover 51 is closed
Castor River cars are blocked on the end of your train

Using your Digitrax throttle:

Only a DT series throttle can be used to operate the Castor River switches.  It is not necessary to plug in provides wireless is in operation..

See http://www.hotrak.ca/Handbook_Throttle.html for more information on Digitrax throttles.

To throw a switch 

-  hit the button "SWCH" at the top right of the throttle.
-  use the throttle number keys to enter the number of the route desired
-  at the bottom center of the bank of buttons on the throttle
  -  hit "t" to throw or open the switch or route
  -  hit "c" to close or return the route to normal, straight through, position.

You can continue to operate your locomotive as normal throughout.

Note that the system will change all switches in a route so several switches may be operated at the same time.

Using your Wi-Throttle

See http://www.hotrak.ca/Handbook_WiThrottle.html for more information on using Wi-Throttles

A separate screen can be accessed showing all Castor River routes available, either thrown (t), closed (c) or unknown (?).  Touch the appropriate area to change the route.  If the switch is shown as unknown (?) a first touch will close it (c) and it may then be changed.

Switching in Castor River

1.       Proceed to Castor River in an eastbound direction on the South Mainline (right-hand running).

2.       Stop short of station and signal at Castor River West and obtain clearance from dispatcher if you do not already have clearance for crossing the north mainline.

3.       Throw Crossover 70 on your controller (71 for left-hand running).

4.       Proceed into yard on proper signal indication (Red over Green). This is Track 1, inbound track.

5.       Close Crossover 70 when clear of all Turnouts and advise the dispatcher that you are clear of all main lines and the switches have been returned to normal.

6.       If you have a Van (Caboose) push back and leave it on the Sleeper Service Track.

7.       Move forwards clear of Crossover 69 and uncouple inbound cars.

8.       Move the remainder of your train forward and clear the double crossover.

9.       Throw Double Crossover 51.

10.   Push back and couple to the outbound cars.

11.   If you have a Van throw Crossover 69 and pushback and couple to your Van.

12.   Move forward and stop at East End of yard.

13.   Do your paper work.

14.   Obtain clearance from dispatcher to proceed.

15.   Throw Crossover 64 and leave. (66 for left-hand running)

16.  When clear of all turnouts close crossover 64 and advise the dispatcher that you are on the Eastbound or Westbound main and that all switches have been returned to normal.

The route diagram below shows the various routes and their call numbers.