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This section of the web site provides information on how the club conducts its' various activities. To this end it defines the HOTRAK By-laws, the standards used in the construction of the modules, how the setup and  takedown of modules are performed  and how operations are conducted.  These elements are supported by a glossary of terms and  summary instructions on the use of Digitrax throttles.

This web page was last updated on July 14th, 2018 

HO Trak Governance
Two Year Plan
HO Trak Governance Annexes
Issues - Annex A Initiatives - Annex B Completed Initiatives - Annex C

HOTRAK club management Provides a link to the amended Club By-Laws passed on Jun 17th 2018 in Adobe pdf format .  By-Laws
Provides a link to the Club Governance Policy and Procedures. (awaiting final update)
Provides a link to the Club Code of Conduct approved on Jun 14th 2017 in Adobe pdf format . Code of Conduct
Module construction
Defines the Standards that must be followed in building the modules and the Testing Procedure that must be followed prior to the module being incorporated in an operating layout.
Layout design
Provides the HOTRAK Layout Design Principles and Guidelines  for Operating Session Layout Design and the detailed parameter files that are required to design a HOTrak layout.
Rolling stock Describes the Locomotive and Rolling Stock standards that must be complied with prior to operating on a layout.
Operations Describes what and how the various aspects of an operating session are conducted, more specifically:
    -  the Layout Design and Set-up Planning Process used for a operating session,
    -  the Set-up Process for the Modules at the start of a session,
    -  the Set-up Procedure for the DCC system
    -  the Local Train Design
    -  the Operations,
    -  the Yard and Yard Operations,
    -  how to work Castor River
A Guide for the Rail Traffic Controller (RTC) (or Dispatcher) and Engineers
     -   Using TR507 5-Channel 2-way Radios
    -  the Take-down Procedure at the end of the session.
    -  the Wi-Throttle, how to use your smart phone or tablet as a throttle
This section also includes
a summary set of instructions on how to use the most common Digitrax throttles
Provides a Glossary of Terms used throughout HOTRAK documentation.