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Orientation Program
The objective of the Orientation Program is to ensure that new HOTRAK club members display the knowledge and skills required to operate safely and professionally as an Engineer of Ottawa Valley HOTRAK. There are four areas:
  • Setup and disassembly of the modules;
  • Train Operations;
  • Ancillary operations, and
  • Records and Logs
A supporting appendix provides additional information on Items required to Run a Train, Speed Limits and a copy of the Task Completion Log and Task Completion Record.  
The revised HOTRAK Orientation Program Handbook accounts for approved changes in terminology with the term "orientation" (replacing apprenticeship) used to describe the framework in place to acquaint prospective new members to the club's operating rules and procedures and the term "Newcomer" (replacing Apprentice) to refer to new individuals to the club who have not yet achieved full Engineer status. The document aims to provide better
clarity regarding the roles and responsibilities of both Newcomers and Supervising Engineers in the orientation process through expanded explanations, checklists and distinction between RTC and non-RTC operations. A new section was added to reduce the orientation requirements of prospective engineers who have had previous experience with HOTRAK, other model railroad clubs, or other operating groups in home layouts, when appropriate. This
document is a living document and shall be reviewed periodically to ensure it meets the needs of the club and remains pertinent for members.

This page was last updated on May 20th, 2017.

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