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This section of the web site provides some information about the club and provides links to some other related web sites.

This web page was last updated on July 23rd, 2016

History & Background
Contains a brief history and  background description of the HOTRAK club
What is HOTRAK? A short, entertaining Powerpoint presentation given by Sergio Pellizzari at the March 2011 OVAR meeting
Brochure (pdf)
Provides summary information about the club
Members sites Provides a list of HOTRAK members web sites
Other sites Provides a list of other web sites that may be of interest

            Interested in becoming a member?
            Before submitting an application, you should attend a setup to check out the club's activities.
            Be aware that the club levies annual dues and has an orientation process.
            Individuals intereseted in becoming members should then complete the online membership application below.
Membership Application