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Welcome to the Ottawa Valley HOTRAK web site

The Ottawa Valley HOTRAK modular railroad club operates in the Ottawa Valley area and meets about every 6 weeks during the fall, winter and spring to operate HO scale model trains owned by members. The emphasis of the club is on operating and both single and double track modules are integrated into large free-form layouts. Operations on the layouts are controlled through the use of a Digital Command Control (DCC) system and a car card/waybill system.
There is no requirement for members to own modules, DCC equipment, locomotives or rolling stock; they are required however, to have fun.
Guests at club events are welcome but arrangements must be made through the club's Communications Co-ordinator.

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Offers background information on the club, links to other related web sites and information on membership.
Orientation Program
Describes the Orientation Program that presents the tasks and experiences for new members to acquire the skills and abilities needed to become thoroughly familiar with the setup, operations and take down aspects of our modular club.
Provides information on how the club conducts its various activities. To this end it lists the HOTRAK By-laws, the standards used in the construction of the modules, guidelines that govern the design of layouts (including the required parameter files), how the setup and take down of modules are performed and how operations are conducted.  These elements are supported by a glossary of terms and summary instructions on the use of Digitrax throttles.
Provides plans and photographs of individual layouts that have been used by the club including special events such as the annual OVAR (Ottawa Valley Associated Railroaders) Rallies, "Arnprior Model Train Show",  "Ottawa Train Expo", "CAoRM" and "Railfair" events.
Provides plans, descriptions, photographs and videos of the modules owned by members and the club.
Members Provides information about the operation of the club and templates used in operations. This section also includes articles & photographs that provide tips, tricks and techniques that members can apply in the planning, construction and/or the operation of their modules.
Note: Access to some of this material is restricted as it is for the use of members only.
Other material on the web site:

Other information included on the web site are:

    - the procedures that should be actioned in the event of a Medical Emergency   to a member or visitor during a HOTRAK operating         session, set up or take down at St. Anthony's Soccer Club Hall,
    - A number of videos taken at HOTRAK over the years, and
   - A video of the visit of Thomas the Tank Engine to HOTRAK in January 2011. He was so excited with the layout that he forgot to put his carriages in the right order. 

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